Buildings & Grounds

This committee sees to everything that needs to be done with the church buildings including: repairs, inspections, and maintenance.  This group also sets up for events that occur at the church.


Worship Committee is responsible for all factors of worship in both services:  Music, under the direction of the Music Director; Communion; and arranging for substitute speakers and ministers.  The committee advises on the content of worship services - Christmas and Easter are given special attention for our Lord's celebration to include special music, drama, solos, duets & readings. The Pastor, Music Director and the Church Secretary as well as members make up this committee. 

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee coordinates and hosts various events to create opportunities for members of the congregation, and the community, to share positive fellowship and fund raising at the FRC.
The committee encourages time together and relationship building in an uplifting environment that is fun and focused on serving the Lord and the church.  Hospitality supplies, sets up and serves refreshments for coffee hour on Sunday mornings, as well as for special events and repasts. 

Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee manages all activities and programs for the children from Sunday school, to Vacation Bible Study, to Kids for Christ, to making decisions on the material to be used by these departments, and all requirements for activities and programs.      The committee is committed to teaching the children the word of the Lord.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee was formed to identify opportunities for improving internal and external communications.  The committee meets every 2-3 months to assess and prioritize those opportunities.  In many cases they work with the Consistory or other committees to propose and enact changes to improve communications.  Some examples are: maintaining a current email/contact list, maintaining a church membership phone tree, an “Updates from Consistory” message in the bulletin, and Pastor’s recorded sermon on the church website.  In addition the committee supports the publication of “Revelations”, the church’s bi-monthly newsletter, as well as updates to the church’s website.   

Outreach & R.E.A.C.T. Committees

The Outreach Committee was formed to find ways to expose FRCLP to the Lincoln Park Community and beyond through special Worship Services like Easter Sunrise and Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.  They also participate in Community events like Lincoln Park Day and serving snacks at the Community Lake Concert events.  The church also sponsors events such as Trunk or Treat for Halloween and an Egg Hunt at Easter time which are open to the public.  There is also the annual Fall Craft/Vendor Fair and the Antique Auto/Truck/Cycle Show.  

Responding Emergency Action Care Team  
The R.E.A.C.T. Committee is designed to reach out and help both church and community members in need due to natural disasters, circumstance, or illness. In addition, committee members send encouraging cards to people who are in care centers or shut-in, make positive phone calls, and help provide meals when the need arises through In fostering the spirit of Christian volunteerism, the R.E.A.C.T. committee also promotes participation in the CROP Hunger Walk and Grains of Hope which both help feed the hungry on local and global levels. This upcoming, vibrant new committee is seeking additional members with a heart to serve as God’s hands when a call for help comes in. Please contact Chairperson Jeanne Moore at for more information.


The Stewardship Committee supports the Church’s mission by preparing the budget and managing the financial resources of the Church.  In addition, through prayer, love, faith, action and service, the committee encourages fellow Church members to share their God-given gifts of time, talent and treasures with God’s people.


Many years ago Violet & Dix Proctor named the church in their will.  They left money to be used for students attending three different schools.  Over the years many students from our congregation have been able to utilize these funds.  The three schools where funds can be used are: Hope College in Michigan, MIT (Dix’s alma mater) and New Brunswick Seminary).

The Clink Johnson Memorial Scholarship fun was established for students attending a New Jersey College to help cover the cost of class-required books and materials.  Applications for scholarships may be obtained from the church office. 

If you are interested in participating in a committee, please contact the church office at and your request will be sent to the head of that committee.  Volunteers are always encouraged and welcomed.