Kindness Project

Although the 2016 project for the church family to collectively perform 5000 acts of kindness has ended, let's continue to perform Acts of Kindness to show our Christian love and respect for one another.  

There are two types of Acts of Kindness - Random Acts and Planned Acts.   The definition of a Random Act of Kindness is simply seeing a need and meeting it.  It is unplanned and immediate such as holding a door for someone.  In response to their thank-you, we are asking you to simply respond with a smile and the words: "My gift of God's love to you."

Planned Acts of Kindness are acts which are planned and prepared in advance - bringing a treat to the office or paying for the person behind you at the coffee shop, offer to babysit for a tired mom, bake a cake for a new neighbor or read to an elderly person.
Go to our You Tube link to see Rachel Tozzi sign "Angels Among Us".