Mission of the Month
Mission of the Month - April 2018  - The Lincoln Park Fire Department

The Lincoln Park Fire Department proudly protects the 12,000 people living in an area of 7 square miles.  This public department, whose members on all volunteers, protect our lives and property with honor and pride.  Their hours of operation?  Always open - 24/7.

Hose Company #1 was established in 1931, some 87 years ago.  Hose Company #2 began in 1948 by several Lincoln Park residents that were members of Wayne P.O.L Co. #2.  A two-bay structure was built on property acquired from the Prentice Family, built by organizing members through donations by local residents.  In 1962 they held a mortgage burning celebration to commemorate the final payment on the building's mortgage. 

We know they appreciate our support, financial as we are able to give, and in prayer for all that they do for our community during times of disaster.