Mission of the Month
The Mission of the Month is a fund that is under the stewardship of the Deacons.  Monthly, the Deacons receive donation requests and information from organizations or individuals that present opportunities for financial assistance, and to spread God’s word.  The Deacons present these opportunities to the congregation as a “Mission of the Month”.  Some missions may be a local organization, such as the Lincoln Park First Aid Squad; other times a nationally affiliated organization, such as the Wounded Warrior Project. Is presented to the congregation. 
All of the mission donations received during the month are sent to the designated mission; the fund drops to zero, and the next month we start all over again with a new mission.  If you would like to donate to the Mission of the Month, all you need to do is write “Missions” on your check and drop it in the offertory plate, or mail it to the church or go to our donations page here on the web.  Below you will find a list of the Missions we supported in the past.
MISSIONS for the last 12 MONTHS
Habitat for Humanity
Gideons International
NJ Foundation for the Blind
Lincoln Park First Aid Squad
Lincoln Park American Legion
NJ Special Olympics
Military Ministry
Market Street Mission
Mephibosheth in Ghana
Toys for Tots
Star of Hope Ministries
Lincoln Park Fire Department
You may donate to the current mission of the month by  clicking on the button "Contributions" on the side menu.